Does running different routes improve street runner performance?

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Are course variations beneficial in street racing? #1

Hey guys, lover of Physical Education and Sport Science!

Today we interviewed Juliana Exel. A person who not only does well in climbing and football, but also rocks Physical Education and Sports Science worldwide. She has more than 20 international publications, with scientific stints at the University of Massachusetts in the USA, at the University of Trás-dos-Montes and Alto-Douro in Portugal and is currently on her Post Doc at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Today’s topic was her publication “Entropy Measures Can Add Novel Information to Reveal How Runner’s’ Heart Rate and Speed ​​Are Regulated by Different Environments” which is giving rise to the fact that she used methods from physics to understand the impact of changes in routes in amateur runners.

I invite you to listen to this pleasant conversation and a lot of learning.

Podcast with audio in Portuguese (Brazilian).


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