How are the brain and heart affected by EMT/TMS and its influence on cortisol?

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation and its effect on the brain and heart. #5

Hello guys,

Today we interview Maximilian Schmau├čer,

A true Bavarian sports scientist! After being in Ghent, Belgium for his master’s thesis, he moved last year from Regensburg to the German carnival town, Cologne. He is a former soccer player for TV 1807 Velburg, but in his spare time he loves to play Magic-Card game, FIFA on Playstation, and is currently coaching tennis at the university level. In addition, he is part of a band of scientists at the German Sports University called Enakil, where he plays guitar and piano. He speaks 3 languages and has just submitted a systematic review of a year’s hard work on heart rate variability and EMT/TMS.

In our episode of today’s Podium Sportcast, we talk about his master’s thesis: “The effect of HF-r TMS over the left DLPFC on stress regulation as measured by cortisol and heart rate variability” published in 2020.

I invite you to listen to this fun and neuroscientific interview!

Podcast with audio in English (British).

Here you can find Maximilian Schmau├čer for scientific cooperation:


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