What are the 8 performance habits for all types of people?

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Better performance with changing habits. #2

Hello guys!

Today we interview Sylvain Laborde, a true Sports Scientist!

He has over 2500 citations, 150 publications, and is currently a performance scientist in the Department of Performance Psychology at the German University of Sport in Cologne. But more than that, in his sports career he has participated in more than 10 marathons, 10 half marathons, 8 triathlons, and after a boring spring in 2018 he climbed Mont Blanc! But wait! This is not the end, he speaks 5 languages ​​and is a great musician!!!

In our Podium Sportcast today we talk about his masterpiece: “Performance Habits: A Framework Proposal” https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01815/full

I invite you to listen to this fun and enlightening interview!

Podcast with audio in English (British).


Here you can find Sylvain Laborde, for scientific cooperation:



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